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The Importance of Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness is a word that can be defined in many ways, shifting its meaning depending on who or what you ask. For instance, Mirriam-Webster defines wellness as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”. Our Team defines wellness as feeling confident, comfortable, and healthy both physically and mentally. Wellness is something that we are actively trying to practice and improve upon every day, both in our homes and in the workplace.

Why the workplace, you ask? Consider how much time we spend at work. Whether we work from a home office or report to a physical office, we spend around 40 hours each week in the workplace. That’s a huge chunk of time out of our lives spent working, so it’s imperative that we practice wellness to maintain a healthy mind, body, and workplace.

We at Hewitt Young have a wellness program in place for our Team, enacting practices that will allow all of us in the workplace to practice wellness daily:

  • Healthy Snacks – People sometimes hit that invisible “wall” during the workday where it seems like they just can’t go on. Having something nutritious to snack on during the day can help increase productivity and energy throughout the day. Not only are we feeding our brain and body with nutrients that help us stay focused, but we are also practicing healthy eating habits that we can carry into other aspects of our lives.
  • Neighborhood Walks – We frequently take walks as an office when the weather cooperates to destress and better prepare ourselves for the rest of the workday. A study in Finland found that walks outside were just as effective and beneficial as relaxation exercises. After walking, study participants showed higher levels of concentration and lower strain in the afternoon. We strive to continue to cultivate a stress-free, high functioning, cohesive environment for all our employees, and taking walks allows us to do just that.
  • Plants in the Workplace – Studies have shown that people are more productive when plants are added to their workspaces. Dr. Chris Knight at Exeter University found that workers are 15% more productive when there are houseplants and decor around. We’ve taken it upon ourselves at Hewitt Young to decorate with plants to not only increase productivity but to also brighten up the office.
  • Mini-Meditations – It has been proven that the practice of mediation, carried out on a regular basis, will mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. In the winter months, we practice mini-meditations to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, and anxieties, which are all factors that can prevent us from feeling happy. Wellness is just as much mental as it is physical, so we place a high value on keeping our team well in all aspects of their life.