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The Art of Preconstruction

The Preconstruction Way!

At Hewitt Young, we always strive to be the leader and top innovator in the preconstruction of electrical industry. Our Highly qualified team uses advances tools, methods, and processes to coordinate, layout, and design our systems. Through years of development, we have been able to build a process that not only helps our customers, but also a baseline to follow. This process has five top qualities to note:

  1. Understanding the job and problems before even being onsite
  2. Increase in quality of work
  3. Less onsite installation time
  4. Increase coordination and communication with other  trades
  5. A better industry practice

Each quality has advantages to the project and the industry as a whole. We want the best product for that application to be going out the door and to be installed onsite. These five qualities are what drives us to play such a big a role in the preconstruction phase