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Randy’s Mission Trip

At Hewitt Young Electric, giving back is something we pride ourselves on. In the past two years, one of our team members, Randy Hope, has spent a considerable amount of time giving back to those in need. Randy has been a significant contributor to Hewitt Young’s success as he was our first official electrician employee; he is currently retired from Local 86, working part-time for HYE while spending most of his time giving to those in need.

After spending most of his life honing skills at his trade, Randy knew he could use his talents to better another’s life. Volunteering for a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic, Randy was tasked with developing a system for wiring homes. The goal of these Mission Trips’ has been to build and donate 500 homes. Each newly constructed home features a 24×24 foot living area with 1 light fixture and typically 1-2 outlets per room. Typical “houses” may have 1 light fixture and 1 outlet TOTAL! In the United States, we have a strict protocol for installing electric. Part of this installation includes the use of ROMEX cable; this cable may be used for both exposed and concealed work in normally dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C (with ampacity limited to that for 60°C conductors), as specified in the National Electrical Code. Undenounced to Randy, these codes are not being followed in the Dominican Republic. When Randy arrived at the only store in the area for materials, the employees had no prior understanding as to what ROMEX cable was. Randy was given a single strand wire with a shrug and told this was all that was available. From there Randy had assembled the single strand wires together, stapling them flat and secure, to create his own version of a ROMEX cable. It was at this point that Randy understood that his real purpose in the Dominican was not only to bring electricity to these homes but to teach how. Randy drew up a diagram and taught the Dominican workers how unforgiving electricity can be if not treated with respect.


During Randy’s last stay in the Dominican Republic, he helped rewire and add over-current protection to a home for a family which included handicapped twin girls. This project presented a challenge because of a family feud over land in a prime location. Thankfully a flat plot of land was secured close to a school to improve the quality of life for the two young twin girls and their mother who would have to carry them to school. See pictures of the twins home featured below:


It is through the efforts of Randy, that we have learned the real work is to create sustainability for life. Randy is an inspiration to all of us. We are overjoyed to have someone like Randy on our team and our only hope is to one day make this world safe, livable, and a Great Day for all!







This “house” had a family of 9 living in it. The leader of Randy’s medical team said that the Father (72) was on his deathbed and would have surely died if they hadn’t arrived when they did!