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Project Spotlight: 4 Solar Fields!

We installed (4) Solar fields this fall in Macedon, Ogden, Bloomfield, and Penfield.  Most of the work was not ready to start until late fall but we still hit the deadlines to complete all the work requested.  It was very trying with the weather conditions being what they were- rain, ice, snow, mud, etc.  All the people who were part of the projects did a great job!  It was a total team effort.  Project Managers were busy coordinating and making last minute changes.  Foreman had their hands full in the field fighting the elements and jumping around were work was ready.  Prefab did a great job building racks, inverters, and monitor stations to name a few.  The electricians in the field worked hard to do quality work on time.  Sam’s excavation crew did whatever it took to clear trees, build roads, install concrete pads, and provide all the underground trenching necessary.  A lot of long cold hours were put in.  We couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s effort.  Both customers were very happy and are looking to do more work with us.  These projects were a great example of our team living our core values!

Article by Mark Spall