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We are thrilled to congratulate our members of the Class of 2018 on the successful completion of Hewitt Young University. Our graduating foremen will now move forward with a reinforced knowledge of how to maximize efficiency, achieve organizational goals, represent our team, and exemplify the characteristics of a successful leader.

Over the course of two weeks, our foremen have been equipped with the skills to persevere when faced with challenges; they have rediscovered how to become a functioning member of a team exercising effective communication skills with individuals of all levels, and have fully worked to understand the importance of adaptation and taking initiative. Extra emphasis was put on managing time and creating a plan for accomplishing tasks by setting goals.

Hewitt Young University has been happy to welcome facilitator Andrew Brady, with The Exlr8 Team, Inc. The Exlr8 Team is a leadership development consulting company, with the vision to inspire purpose. Andrew spent class days coaching our foremen to be the best possible leader by first: leading oneself by instilling self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and inner compassion, second: leading others by welcoming engagement, and third: leading our organization by measuring, managing, and transforming culture. The Exlr8 Team has had a proven track record of helping leaders enhance their leadership capabilities and achieve a higher, more fulfilling level of success.

We are proud to share in the excitement of our first ever graduating class from Hewitt Young University. Congratulations Class of 2018!

“It’s Always a Great Day at Hewitt Young!”