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Greece Public Library How-To-Fest

This past weekend, on Saturday, October 14th, the Greece Public Library held its annual How-To-Fest.

Over thirty groups came into the library and allowed patrons to learn how to “do” their specialty. The vendors included home brewing, ukulele lessons, art lessons, home design, robot building and more.

Hewitt Young participated in the event and created a station to teach homeowners how to wire an outlet, a switch, and a light fixture. On top of teaching basic homeowners electrical skills, many patrons had simple electrical questions that Hewitt Young was happy to answer. Hewitt Young also created a basic device board which enthralled kids by safely allowing them to build simple circuits using a battery. It was a great day to reach out to a community by teaching and helping answer simple questions that residents might have.

“It’s always a great day at Hewitt Young!”