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Construction Company Culture

The culture of an organization embodies the shared set of values, assumptions, and perspectives that draw members of the organization together into a tight-knit, smoothly operating team dedicated to a common purpose. The cultural social order establishes the norms as to what is encouraged, discouraged, accepted or rejected. In the past, the development of a company’s culture was never heavily emphasized. In the world today, more and more individuals working in the construction field are pushing to force a discussion about creating a path to improve company culture.

The values, beliefs, and behaviors that influence how employees and leadership interact with both fellow employees and customers heavily influence how the company is perceived, which in turn, translates into how business decisions are made. By taking the time to learn how your employees perceive the company culture, we can ensure that all opinions and ideas are considered.

Toward the end of 2018, Hewitt Young Electric surveyed our employees on what was most important to them throughout their individual daily workday. Our core four values of communication, accountability, trust and commitment were born. Since that day we have made a huge effort to continue to live by our core four values, displaying them in our office, and regularly discussing them in company meetings and gatherings. Our leadership team has been diligently working to lead by example to ensure that it is a great day for all at Hewitt Young!