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Are you still thinking about going to LED?

Upgrade your Lighting with NO Money Down!
Have you thought about upgrading your lighting to LED?
Do you think your utility costs are too high?
Do you feel the need to reduce your overhead costs?
Is your lighting simply out of date?
Do you find yourself constantly performing maintenance work on your lights?
Do you want a reliable lighting system that you won’t need to touch for 10 years?\

A LED Retrofit could be a perfect solution if you answered yes to any of these questions. LED retrofits provide the following:

  1. Better Light
  2. More Energy Efficient
  3. Lower Maintenance
  4. Environmentally Friendly
  5. Cost Effective

Hewitt Young Electric has the tools and expertise to turn your lighting into an efficient, green, Anal Beads cost saving machine. In four simple steps we will be able to upgrade your building and provide substantial savings:

Step 1 – Call us to set up a walk through at 585-288-4480
Step 2 – We perform a full lighting audit on your building
Step 3 – We provide a detailed quote outlining the costs and savings you would receive
Step 4 – You accept, we install, you save!

Please email or call 585-288-4480 for additional information on our LED retrofit program.