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2019 Culture

According to Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, a book by David Wolfe, Jagdish Sheth, and Rajendra Sisodia, an organizations culture embodies the shared set of values, assumptions, and perspectives that draw members of the organization together into a tight-knit, smoothly operating team dedicated to a common purpose. At Hewitt Young, we have spent most of 2017 and 2018 building a strong, cohesive, and highly motivated culture for our employees. We understand that our employees are the building blocks of our company and by investing our time in perfecting our culture we add enormously to our prospects for future success; 2019 will be no different.

As we begin 2019, we are continuing to pursue a culture where each employee feels individually valued. We firmly believe that “If you treat employees as if they make a difference to the company, they will make a difference.”  We are working to ensure that our employees understand the significance of their work and we cannot thank them enough for their continued dedication. In 2019, we will be placing an emphasis on ensuring that our leaders are judged on how well they facilitate the success of others and we will continue to strive to maintain a sense of higher purpose through involvement in our community.


We believe that organizational values are the aligning force that keeps us organized and balanced. It is because of this, that in 2019 we have shifted our core four values to include: communication, accountability, trust, and commitment. Regular consistent communication, holding ourselves and those around us accountable, having the ability to have tough conversations, when needed, trusting the other party to receive it well, and staying hungry while focusing on our vision will all push us in the direction of growth we are striving for.


We know that culture exerts a strong, transformational influence on all those who experience it, so we invite you to stop in and say hello, while we continue to ensure that, “it is always a great day at Hewitt Young!”