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2018 Awards

At Hewitt Young, we have made it a habit to reward those individuals that go above and beyond to live our values. This past year, we established the Impactful Serving Leader Award, the Innovation Award, the Community Outreach Award, the Craftsmanship Award, and the Fun Kid Award.

Unfortunate photo, Sean, but a well-deserved award!

The 2018 Impactful Serving Leader Award was given to the Sean Barry. Sean demonstrates a true serving leader that has a lasting impact on those around him. He has run to great purpose, put himself at the bottom and unleashed the energy, excitement, and talents of his team. Sean raised the bar of expectation and builds a culture of performance throughout. He blazes the trail by teaching the serving leader principles and practices by removing barriers to educate. Sean builds on strength by arranging each person in the team, business, and the community to contribute what he or she is best at. He makes the lives of the people around him better by promoting an attitude that makes it a great day.

The 2018 Innovation Award was given to Shane Hamilton. Shane demonstrates an innovative approach process, system or practice that has had a lasting impact on our people, business, and customers.

The 2018 Community Outreach Award was given to Ashley Hewitt and Patrick Scahill. Ashley and Pat demonstrate an enormous amount of care, impact, and ability to help those in the community.

The 2018 Craftsmanship Award was given to Jim Greene. Jim demonstrates an extremely high level of quality that shows the level of pride and impact we have in the lives of our customers.

The 2018 Fun Kid Award was given to Brock Barry. Brock demonstrates that life is better when having fun and spreads that fun with those around him. Brock has actively helped, participated, and looked for ways to make those lives around him more fun and enjoyable, always making it a great day.


Thank you to each and every one of you for making each and every day at Hewitt Young a great day!